May 27, 2011

BARN ANIMAL OF THE WEEK ~ DENALI Barn Name: Denali Show Name: Denali's Thundercloud Dream Breed: Quarab Age: 6 or 7 Color: Gray now but she used to be almost black around age 2 and when she was born, she was chestnut. Temperament: She is a very nice horse, she bucked 2 times now with people on her, but she never really got properly trained, so I can understand why she did it. She is a major pig though, if you have treats, she is right there with you. Here are some pictures of her. The first picture is when she was 3 if she is 6 now, and if she is 7 now she would be 2 in that picture, we don't know her age, but my mom's friend has it, because she owns Denali's mom, Angel, and she was the one you picked out the stud intending on keeping the foal, but I woke up one morning and saw Denali, and she let me keep her. The second picture is during the same time as the first picture. The third picture is still at the same time, but she is reaching down into a crack in the feed trough to get some hay, told you she was a pig. The fourth picture is Denali at the same time, but she is paying attention, maybe paying too much attention . The fifth picture was when I was 9 years old, and I was riding her. The sixth picture was the winter of 2007 the same year as the other photos, look at how shaggy she was, and she is sooooo gorgeous in that picture!!!! The seventh picture was the winter of 2007 the same year as the rest of the pictures, look at the dip in her face, you can tell she is half Arabian in that picture! And the final picture, is this year, look at her color change!!! Barn Animal of the Week by Darby

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