February 28, 2011

Heads Held High ~ Giraffes! Hi Horse Pals ~ I love giraffes and had a lot of fun writing about them. Hope you enjoy these fun facts! Your Horse Pal, @raya One of the most beautiful wild animals in the world is the Giraffe! It is the Logo for Toys R Us ... Geoffrey the Giraffe! Here are some fun facts about the Giraffe: Fact #1 A giraffe eats about 140 pounds of food a day. Fact #2 At one time it was believed that giraffes were mute but they do make sounds. A form of communication used by giraffes is called infrasound and cannot be heard by humans. Giraffes do grunt, snort and bellow. Fact #3 The color of a giraffe's coat tends to become darker with age. Fact #4 A giraffe's neck can measure up to 5 feet in length. Fact #5 Just like humans, giraffes have seven vertebrae in their necks. Unlike humans, however, each vertebrae is about 5 inches (11 centimeters) long. The neck of an adult giraffe is about six feet long (1.8 meters), and is extremely muscular. Fact #6 Adult males weigh 2420 to 4250 pounds, females 1540 to 2600 pounds. Males are 9 to 11 feet at the shoulder and 18 to 19 feet at the top of their horns. Females are about 2 feet shorter. Fact #7 Besides being prehensile, a giraffe's tongue can be 18 inches long. Fact #8 The Giraffe is the tallest living animal and can reach vegetation that other herbivores cannot. Giraffes eat foliage (broad leafed deciduous and evergreen), grass, shrubs and fruit, and don’t require a lot of water. Their favorite food is the acacia tree. A giraffe browses most of the day and at night they lie down to rest and ruminate. Fact #9 When giraffes walk they move both right legs forward and then both left. When running they use the back legs first and they move on the outside of the front legs. Fact #10! Baby giraffes are 6 feet tall and weigh an average of 150 pounds when they are born.
With an Oink, Oink Here! Hi Horse Pals ~ Here's a story on one of everyone's favorite farm animals! Enjoy! @raya Some of the most famous and well loved animals in children's literature have been Pigs... Babe, Wilbur and Freddie, to name a few. They are some of my favorite stories and I was excited a reader asked me to write about Pigs! Here is what I've learned about pigs: Fact #1 The hog (pig) has existed for at least 45 million years as a stocky, round bodied, flat snouted creature . They come in all sizes from the small pygmy hog (1 foot tall at the shoulder and 13 pounds) to the giant forest hog (40 inches at the shoulder and 300 pounds). Of course, domestic hogs can be much heavier (record is over 2500 pounds) Fact #2 Average lifespan of pigs in the wild is 15-20 years but may be up to 27 years. Fact #3 Litter size varies from 2-12 piglets. Domestic pigs have much larger litters with one of 37 recorded. Fact #4 Hair varies from lots of bristles and practically hairless to the curly woolly coats of Ecuador herd hogs. Colors vary too, from the white or black solid and many colors in between to the rust colored with white and black highlights of the Red River Hog. Fact #5 Pigs have no sweat glands and, therefore, do not sweat. Which means, pigs are clean: they do not sweat and become greasy. They only get dirty when they roll in mud to cool themselves off. Pigs need mud on their body for the following reasons: to cool themselves off (since they can’t sweat) and to keep bugs and other insects off their body. Fact #6 A Pig's best sense is its smell—its long spout is very sensitive and can smell food a few feet below the land surface. Fact #7 The largest pig was a Poland-China hog named "Big Bill." He weighed a portly 2,552 lbs and was so large that he dragged his belly on the ground. He had a shoulder height of 5 feet and a length of 9 feet. Fact #8 A full grown pig can drink up to 14 gallons of water a day! Fact #9 The only continent that doesn't have native pigs is Antarctica! Fact #10 A frightened pig can scream as loud as a jet plane taking off! (113 decibels)

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