November 02, 2010

MISTY MORNING ... MY CAT RESCUE STORY Hi Horse Pals ~ Here's a story I recently wrote for my friend's newspaper. Hope you enjoy it! @raya One day when I was dog walking, I saw a cat in the road and I tried to get her off the road and she ran! She was an all grey cat and was very scared! I had never seen her before and I wondered where she came from!? She was very wild! And then one day when we went out to feed our cat, Keyoh, we saw her again! She was looking at us as if to say "Can I have some?" So we put another food bowl out in our yard for her so that she did not have to be so close to the house so she could feel safe. We tried to pet her many times but every time she would run! Every day we would just put the food bowl closer to our house and then one day she came up to it and laid on the porch. We slowly opened the door and she stayed! We sat near our door for a few minutes and then we tried to get closer and she still stayed! We sat there for a few more minutes and then she came to us! She let us pet her and then she went back to the food! And from then on, she has let us pet her! We tried to come up with a name for her and then we came up with Misty! We thought it was the greatest name for her! She is a small cat and has long gray hair. She has green, yellow eyes and is very beautiful! And now she runs up to us and meows for food. We love helping animals and I think that we helped Misty find someone who will always make sure that she is OK, and that is what animal rescues do! I have always wanted to help animals and love to donate money and other things that the animal rescues need! You can go to any animal rescue in your neighborhood and donate things that your pets don't use - food, money and some animal shelters have a list of things they need! With the holidays around the corner, remember to add animal rescues to your holiday giving!

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