October 06, 2010

WHO IS YOUR HERO? MINE IS ... CESAR MILLAN!! Hi Horse Pals ~ I recently wrote a story for our local newspaper that I wanted to share with you all and it gave me an idea for a new column! I thought it would be fun for Horse Pals to write in about their hero or favorite person, someone you find inspirational. I had the greatest thrill of my life when I met the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan! Here's my story! We look forward to hearing yours ... Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer One of my very favorite animals are dogs. They are loving and playful! One of my dreams is to be a dog trainer! The most exciting thing happened, I got to meet my hero, Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer! He is one of the biggest dog trainers on earth and I was so overjoyed! We met at La Brea Tar Pits for an animal rights day. He was signing books, hats and posters. I had made him two pastel drawings of his pit bull, Daddy and I gave them to him when I met him! He loved them and gave me a big hug!!! I got to take a photo with him and he signed one of his posters for me! It said “To my biggest fan and future pack leader Araya.” It was the most exciting moment of my life! At the event, there were many dogs there and very cute puppies! Many were available for adoption. I met a huge mastiff that was 180 pounds and was two years old! I also met an adorable dachshund that was the most unique color I had ever seen! She was mostly white with black and brown patches and she was seven months old. In the background, there are photos of dog and cat postage stamps. Every time you buy the stamps, a portion of the money goes to an animal rescue and saves a dog or cat! They are the only stamps I buy! There were many single breed rescue organizations like the American Maltese Association, Pit Bull Rescue and many more! Cesar Millan encourages people to rescue their dogs from a rescue group or shelter to help save animals lives! To learn more about Cesar and his dogs, go to www.cesarsway.com.

Araya & Avery

Araya and Avery are young equestrians and entrepreneurs with a passion for life!

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