September 29, 2010

MY FAVORITE HORSE BREEDS ~ BASHKIR CURLY HORSE BY ERICA Hey Araya, I wrote this report for school but I wanted to share it with all the horse pals too! ~Erica The Bashkir Curly Horse The American Bashkir Curly is a breed of horse. The exact origin is a mystery, but many believe that a herd was discovered in around 1898 in central Nevada by ranchers. The ranchers rounded them up along with other mustangs and trained them to be ranch horses. They were proven to be much easier and faster to train than the mustangs. They were also hardier, to survive even the fiercest winters. The ranchers then began breeding from the Curlies to improve their ranch. Also, some curly coated horses are mentioned in American Indian pictograms, dating back to the early 1800's. The Curly is unique in many ways. It is the only hypoallergenic horse breed. That means that people who are allergic to horses usually suffer no allergic reaction when with the Curly. It is also unique because of its curly coat. The body can range from curls in just certain points on the body to tight curls all over. They have a double main that falls on either sides of their neck in tight ringlets. Some of their coat is shed in the summer so the curls are more easily seen in the winter. Because the curly hair is dominate, crossbreeding often creates a curly coated foal. The Curlies coat can come in all colors and their size can range from mini’s, to draft sized horses, though the most typical hight for the curly is 15 hands high. It’s build is a heavy head with a wide forehead and a short muscular neck, it is stout, but has a well proportioned body. This horse is mainly used for riding and can do most all disciplines, from the precise movements of dressage, to sports like jumping and mounted games. Some are showing that the breed can even go the distance needed for Endurance riding. They can also handle the quick maneuvers needed for reining and other western sports. They have also been used for driving. Curlies have excelled at higher levels of some of these disciplines too. Racing and high stepping Park horses are the only 2 disciplines that the curly hasn’t been breed for. Some Curlies are also used for agriculture and work on cattle ranches. The horse has a very calm tractable disposition and are willing and want to please their rider. Because of this they have excelled in so many different disciplines. Also because of their calm, easy going nature they are good for beginners learning to ride who haven't been able to ride other horses because of their allergies. All in all they are easy keepers and do well living outside. They require normal care and can often go without shoes. Curlies are used for various disciplines, they have a unique and beautiful curly coat and are the only hypoallergenic horse breed. They are a good natured, willing and well rounded breed.

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