August 09, 2010

MORE DVD ENTRIES FROM HORSE PAL LISBETH! Chestnut and Bunky Chestnut is a brown bunny that belongs to my friend. Bunky is a black/white bunny that belongs to my neighbor. They live outside in a cage. They are usually nice but sometimes bite. They love lettuce and carrots, of course. They are very affectionate and cute! Strawberry Strawberry is my friends dog. She is a West Highland White Terrier. She runs really fast! She got her name because she loves strawberries! Sadly, she ran away and I hope she's okay. Charlie Charlie is a chubby beagle mix. He's short and stocky and he loves kids. He runs really fast with his belly swingin' around! He sheds ALL THE TIME. He and Bella are great friends! Horse Haiku Horses love to run. Horses need food and water. Horses give you love. Dog Haiku Dogs love to eat treats. Dogs like to sleep in my lap. Dogs are very sweet. Butterfly Haiku They flutter their wings. They have beautiful colors. They are delicate. The Dog They cuddle in your lap. They love to swim and run. They also like to nap. They have a lot of fun. I love dogs! They need checkups with the vet. They need fresh water and dog food. They make a great pet. They're usually in a good mood. I love dogs! They are obedient most of the time. They are loving and kind. They're not sour like a lime. They have an intelligent mind. I love dogs!!! The Horse A fast lightning bolt. A delicate flower. An alert little colt. A strong tower. That's the horse. A wonderful friend. A beautiful animal. A help around a hard bend. And very companionable. That's the horse. Always nice to ride. Always better than a car. Always by your side. And can run very far. That's the horse. (That girl is not me!) Majestic Beauty Elegant Poodle Lovely lady Lazy Girl Handsome Horse American Quarter Horse Racing Breed Very Sweet Eats Horse Cookies Yes, He's Wonderful! Happy Animal Oh So Cute Racing And Jumping Steeplechasing And Dressage Elegant And Strong Chubby Happy All Time Always Shedding Runs Really Fast Loveable Canine Eats Grass (Yuck!) Daisy Otis Ginger Nancy Aloha Montana Emma Spot

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Araya and Avery are young equestrians and entrepreneurs with a passion for life!

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