July 12, 2010

A DAY IN THE LIFE ... OF A RICH MAN'S FARM Hey guys!!! A little while back, my dad drove me to this guy's farm, and it is AWESOME!!!! I took some photos and thought it would be an awesome post! My dad saw it when he went to the state rendevous or something. But anyway, this guy bought his house and ranch for 40 million dollars I think. It's either that or it's 400 million, I can't remember. But it was in the list of America's Top Twenty Most Expensive Houses. It is in Boulder, Wyoming. He raises WHITE buffalo, regular buffalo, and texas longhorn cattle. He also has 2 big black shire horses. We just drove by his house and farm, so I don't know what else he has. But I believe that he is from China. And celebrities come to his house and stuff, it was SOOOOOO cool!!!! His house is bigger then 19,000 square feet, that is HUGE!!!!! That's bigger than some celebrities' houses!!! On the way back from his house, we saw some Halflinger horses. They are either Halflingers or Belgian Drafts, but we are pretty sure they are Halflingers. They are sooooooo cute, I LOVE THEM!!! Their faces were the most adorable things ever!!! Okay, the first picture is the White Buffalo Bull the second picture is the white bull rolling the third picture is some of his white buffalo the fourth and fifth pictures are some of his texas longhorns, the 6th picture is some of his regular buffalo, he has like 800 of them...That is a lot of buffalo. Here are the Halflingers ... The 3rd picture of a Halflinger, was my favorite horse (and Araya's too!) out of them all, she is sooooo cute!!! Her face is just, so cute!!! Then the 4th picture, the darker Halflinger, was my dad's favorite. Then we LOVED all of the rest, too. A Day in the Life ... Of A Rich Man's Farm by Darby P.S. Darby, this looks like an awesome farm to visit! Thanks for sharing your photos!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the horses!! @raya

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