June 30, 2010

A DAY IN THE LIFE ... OF COWBOY CAMP! Hi Horse Pals, This past week I was at horse camp and it was so much fun! At camp we got to do barrel racing and pole bending and try some things you would see in a trail class. Since it's cowboy camp we rode western the whole time and did western games, but that was still really fun because I haven't ridden western in a long time, plus I've never done barrel racing and pole bending before. They are a lot of fun. We also went on a 3 hour trail ride. We did a lot of bush whacking, where you just ride though the woods, so you always had to duck and try not to hit the branches but that was almost impossible. We even got to go swimming with the horses! That was probably my favorite part. It feels so cool to ride a horse in the water. We also played capture the flag on horse back and played the Australian trotting game. We did an egg and spoon game were we walked and trotted around the ring and if you dropped the egg you were out. I didn't drop my egg so I won. I got in my 2 point so that made it really easy to hold the egg. I also went swimming and tubing at camp and went to the leather shop and made a book mark. Each day we went to amphitheater and if you got a package from home you would have to do some thing. One day they made everyone "lake" themselves (you just run into the lake in clothes and get all wet) and then roll in the flower that was left on the ground from a game we played before that. I was glad I didn't have to do that. Camp was so much fun and hopefully I will go back next year! Your horse pal, Erica

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