March 31, 2010

THE TRAINING ADVENTURES OF LATTE, THE ADORABLE MINIATURE Hey guys!!! I decided to do a post on my sister's miniature horse Latte!!!! She is SO pretty! Right now she is still under training though, there are some things that we need to work on, but she is doing totally great, amd I am training her all by myself! I am training her to be western saddle broke. Today I took her out and tied her to our new horse trailer and she was a little jumpy, not too bad though. She kept pacing and walking as far as the lead rope would reach, but she didn't rear or buck and kick. So I gave her a couple of treats and brushed her till she shined. She is SO beautiful, I wish you could see her in person, you would absolutely fall in love with her!!! She is also just the sweetest little thing, although she bites. But all miniature horses bite. She is also VERY funny! When she walks her bangs bounce, it's like her whole mane and tail are on the top of her head, she has such a thick mane! She is Green Broke I would say, because you can put the saddle and blanket on her and tighten the cinch, and lead her around, but she has some flaws. She is scared to death of the wood cutter, but we will work on that. Patches looks like she will get another white patch right on her cheek! And Denali is pretty much the same, just a calm-crazy little horse. And Salsa, well she was about 4 1/2 feet tall when i first saw her and now she is 6 feet tall. by Darby P.S. That's so awesome you're training Latte, Darby! I love training horses, too!

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