March 13, 2010

WESTERN RIDING BY DARBY Hey Araya, you probably know mostly about English riding, so I wanted to make a post telling more about western riding. That way everybody can learn about both riding styles, although there are more styles like Australian. So, here it is: In Western riding, you use a western saddle. A western saddle is very different from the other saddles because of the horn on the front of the saddle. To some people western saddles are so comfortable because of the horn. Western saddles are a very good saddle for beginning riders because it has the horn to grab onto, even though that doesn't help the balance part of it. :). The most famous western riding horse is of course the Quarter horse. The first pure Quarter horses were sired by Copper Bottom and Steel Dust, so if you ever ask a rancher what the first pure Quarter horse studs were, they will probably tell you those two horses, but infact the first sire that ever helped make the quarter horse was a thoroughbred stallion named Janus. Dan Tucker is also one of the first pure quarter horses, he sired the great Peter McCue and he was the grandsire of Joe Hancock. There are 3 different types of Quarter Horses: Bulldog, Thoroughbred, and Intermediate. The Bulldog type has massive muscles, large hindquarters and shoulders and a belly that is large also. The Thoroughbred type is the sleekest type, with muscles but they are the fastest, they are very lean, they have fine bone, and their legs are sleeker than the other types as well. The last type has large muscle, good bone, a short back and deep body, the head is short, broad and full at the jowl, the ear small, and the neck full. The quarter horses are found in most colors, although in National Registry paints, pintos and appaloosas are not permitted. In Western RIding you can do reining, western jumping, cutting, trail riding, competitive trail riding, extreme cowboy, racing, barrel racing, pole bending, cowgirl chick, mounted shooting, parade, bronc busting, bareback bronc, saddle bronc, western pleasure,goat tieing, roping, branding, dragging, bulldogging or steer wrestling,penning, cowboy polo, hide and seek, and flag game. Dictionary: Reining~Reining is when you are doing a show, your horse will do rollbacks, spins, left lead circles(big and small), right lead circles(big and small), sliding stops, flying change, rundown, backup, and pausing. Rollbacks~Rollbacks are after your horse does a sliding stop, the horse does the sliding stop, and turns around its hind feet staying where they are and their front feet in the air turning with the horses body. Spins~Spins are when your horse is at one place, the horse turns much like a rollback. The horses hind feet stay where they are but the front feet jump up and down so that the horse goes in a very fast circle. This movement has to be done both right and left ways. Circles~The circles in reining are when the horse goes from walking to loping...

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